Portfolio Management Services

Would you take medical advice from someone who is not a doctor? 

Then why, take Investment advice from someone who is not a Professional Investment Manager?

Let us deliver a fully customised investment portfolio to suit your investment goals and risk tolerance. Our expert investment managers can help you create and manage just the right investments for you.

We offer a customised Investment Management Services to achieve the unique investment objectives of our clients based on their risk tolerance, liquidity requirements, tax position and other unique cirrumstances.

Benefits of Mega Portfolio Management Services

We will apply for all IPO/FPO/Rights to ensure that you never miss an excellent investment opportunity.

We will do the necessary follow ups to ensure that your dividends are paid accurately and timely.

Just hand over your investments and let us deal with all the follow ups, renewals and settlements.

All our clients can track their investments and view all their upto date fully reconcilled statements and transactions anytime and anywhere.

Just log in to your account.

Our portfolio management services offer one of the most economical fee structure starting from just 0.25% Annual Maintenance Charge per annum.

Our team of Research Analysts and Professional Investments Managers spends most of their time looking for the best investments opportunities avaiable in the market and act prudently following a disciplined Risk Management Approach.

Let our team of expert Analysts and Fund Managers do their job so that you can focus on things that matters to you the most be it quality family time, your personal hobby or running your own businesses. 


Get a range of deals for being our PMS customer.