Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Service

Mega Capital Markets provides outsourced CFO services to its clients under Corporate Advisory Wing. We have an experienced team of professionals from FCCAs, CAs and MBA graduates to provide you with complete set of CFO services. Our team members bring over 15+ years of experience, having worked in various banking and financial, FMCG and corporate sectors in and outside the country.

We would ensure that the company’s vision is met, through numerous strategic and financial consultations, working closely with the management. We will assist your company in many different ways but not limited to cash management & forecasting, budgeting and expense control, KPI development and analysis, year-round tax planning, stakeholder communication & investor relations, setting internal control and drafting & implementing SOPs, regular advice to CEO / BODs and liaison with BFIs


What can client expect from our CFO services?

As Business Partner:

We will work to enhance the productivity of departments by analyzing the operational reports linked with financial reports. This will help the departments manage their functions effectively and thereby add value to the company.

Design the Supply Chain of the Company:

We will work to ensure that your supply chain is competitive and managed at optimal costs, maintaining close relationships with suppliers and customers.  Based on the needs of clients, our work will also encompass areas of planning related to supply, production, inventory planning, capacity and distribution.

Driving Digital Transformation in the Company:

We will ensure that the top management level is fed with financial and operational data on a real-time basis through the use of digital tools. The key insights from summarized financial reports brought forward so forth will be analyzed and discussed upon to make further strategic decisions. Based on these reports, we prepare and review the budgets of the company after the due approval of the board and investors. We will also prepare and present financial models for new projects or businesses to investors and raise funds.

Maximizing the ROI:

We will ensure to maximize the Return on Investment (ROI) of the company. We will work on models to improve productivity and efficiency of the business and optimize the revenue source through techniques such as proper costing.

Diving the Cash Flow Management:

Taking advantage of our close connection with banking and financial institutions, we will ensure the short-term and long-term funds of the clients are met. We will also work to effectively manage the company’s cash flow by ensuring that short-term funds are not used for long-term purposes and by allocating funds to projects or business areas that optimize return on investment.

Compliance with all Applicable Laws:

We ensure that appropriate internal controls and processes are in place in all areas of business to eliminate the possibility of fraud and error, and to identify and mitigate risk. We will ensure that the client’s business will follow best practices, such as running benchmarks to optimize your return on investment.

Driver of Organization’s Growth:

We will study to gain deep financial understanding along with an umbrella view of how each departments function within a business. We will ensure that the organization grows in alignment with its mission and vision based on our expertise and knowledge


Our CFO Services

  • Setting up the Company
  • Formulate Business Strategies
  • Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Guidance on setting up of Internal Control Process
  • Guidance for drafting and implementing SOPs
  • Capital Budgeting
  • MIS report presentation to CEO / BODs
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Guidance related to Taxation
  • Guiding and Monitoring the Accounts Department
  • Liaison with Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Fulfilling all statutory compliance requirement
  • Cost Analysis (Pre-Costing and Post-Costing Analysis)
  • Cash Flow and Working Capital Management
  • Risk Management